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Thick long stainless steel annual meeting note: product out, because of the potential for far!
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Changxin Stainless Steel Annual Meeting: Accumulated into a thick device, because of the potential! The Changxin Stainless Steel Annual Meeting was held on January 31, 2019. This is the second official meeting of Changxin Stainless Steel. This annual meeting not only retains the tradition of Changxin Stainless Steel, but also recognizes excellence and team building. get on. The annual meeting consists of three major parts: summarizing meetings, commending excellence, joyful interactions, and sweepstakes.

I. Summary meeting: The heads of departments at the meeting separately reported to the company on the work of the past year, and proposed the plan and development direction for next year. General Manager He Peifei made a concluding speech.

Second, commend the outstanding: At the meeting, the outstanding employees of last year were commended and commended, and the construction award was awarded to the employees who made excellent suggestions.

Employees who won the construction award

Third, the joyful interactive game: After commending the excellent, the company held a happy interactive game of employees, divided into five groups: Changxin, Haiyu, Guanmei, AoMeida, and Golden Bauhinia. The employees got the same in a laughter. Happiness also enhances the feelings of each other. In the end, the Aumida team was the best, winning the championship, and Changxin and Haiyu were ranked second and third. Group bonuses of 1,000 yuan, 800 yuan and 600 yuan were obtained respectively.

4. Lucky Draw: After the game was over, General Manager He Peifei took out the 16 prizes of the day, which were respectively a third-class beauty cooker, a total of ten; the second-class Galanz convection oven, a total of five; One of the award-winning inverter air conditioners.

Employee who won the third prize

In a happy and peaceful atmosphere, Changxin Stainless Steel will come to a close in 2018-2019. Through the various expectations at the opening ceremony, we wish the Changxin Stainless Steel Company and the friends who care about the company a happy New Year.

If there is any expectation of 2019, I will first pick up my sleeves and work hard. I believe that you can't see it, you can see what you believe. The beginning of the heart is still there, squatting forward, accumulating a thick instrument, because of the potential!

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